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The taste of the lake at the Grand Hotel

Among the pleasures of a stay at the Grand Hotel Gardone in Gardone Riviera, we must mention the wellbeing, the exclusivity and the privilege that a guest can experience while sipping an aperitif along the lake or having dinner at sunset overlooking the quiet and blue water of Lake Garda. Unique sensations that become even much more intense if associated with a gastronomic experience related to this territory. This is what you can try at our restaurant à la carte Giardino dei Limoni. In these days our expert cookers are working together to create new dishes for our menu à la carte 2017 in occasion of the next opening. It is certain that the dish “Pike with capers and anchovies sauce” will be confirmed again seeing that it is a symbol of the culinary tradition here on Lake Garda. Fishermen well knew how to cook this fresh water fish that nowadays is appreciated both for the quality of the meat and for the nutritional profile. In this classic recipe there is nothing to add except a capers and anchovies sauce that improves the savour. These two elements with strong and persistent taste balance the natural delicacy of the fish. The result is a really satisfying dish that is well combined with a textured wine or with a young Chiaretto that is really tasty and with accentuated acidity.  


Vittoriale, great news for the summer season 2017

The Vittoriale in Gardone Riviera announces the new surprises for the summer season 2017. The garden in the house museum (elected in 2012 “The most beautiful park in Italy”) will be enriched with new masterpieces in addition to the existing collection that has turned the garden into a real museum en plein air. The official presentation is scheduled on 11th March in occasion of the party “Ho cercato l’armonia” (In search of harmony), when it will be revealed the new itinerary of the contemporary art sculptures in the park. Ugo Riva, Girolamo Ciulla, Federico Severino, Michela Benaglia, Dario Tironi e Cesare Inzerillo are the name of the artists that have made these sculptures, pictures and bas reliefs that make the visit at the Vittoriale much more fascinating. This big monumental complex is located near the Grand Hotel Gardone and it can be easily reached on foot. On 11th March will be launched the project in collaboration between Fondazione del Vittoriale degli Italiani and the Vidal group: in the Prioria will be set some essences dedicated to D’Annunzio like for example roses, gardenia and acqua Nuntia, that will be spread thanks to perfume diffusers working in continuous mode. The project originates from the desire of making the D’Annunzio’s house as similar as possible to that time. In a lot of historical documents is well described his love for scents and he in person perfumed all the rooms in the Prioria. According to the project “D’Annunzio digitale”, a new small auditorium will be open to the public. In this smallest room for showing films in the world equipped with only one seat, visitors can choose to watch movies taken from D’Annunzio’s original film that have been kept in the archives till now. They portray D’Annunzio, Duse, Baccara and various situations typical of that time. Some movies, like for example Anna and Elisabetta, 1933, have been computerized in occasion of this project in collaboration with the company Brick.


When Garda olive oil meets sweetness

Creative cuisine means facing new challenges for the products that represent the tradition of a place and reinventing them in a new original and interesting way. In the kitchen of the Grand Hotel Gardone we always test the best audacious combinations, working with the most important flavours on Lake Garda. Like for example, the extra virgin olive oil: a product well known and appreciated all over the world that is an indisputable cornerstone of delicacy in the preparation of fresh water fishes and poultry meat. But the olive oil from Lake Garda has been used even in confectionery becoming a precious ingredient both for delicious ice cream and desserts. This summer, our guests of our restaurant à la carte Giardino dei Limoni (also open to non-residents) can enjoy us to taste the delicious Garda Oil Parfait with candied olives, thyme and flavoured biscuit, created in accordance with the typical Lake Garda style by our pastry chef. This dessert is a tribute to the unmistakable smell of the olive oil from Lake Garda that enriches this fine parfait. The combination of olive oil with candied olives and thyme delight the palate and make this an enjoyable and unconventional sensory experience.


Grand Hotel, gastronomic suggestions between Garda and the Mediterranean

The great culinary tradition has always been one of the main reasons to visit Italy. It is really hard to imagine a stay in Italy without Italian food, wine and local products. These are symbols of “made in Italy” that even nowadays are fascinating many visitors from all over the world. For this reason, the Grand Hotel Gardone is paying a lot of attention to the taste. Our priority goal has always been to offer our guests a relaxing sensory experience relating to the valorisation of the territory, the culture and the fine cuisine. This aim has influenced our offer for the season 2017, as well. The spring is getting closer and even the opening, so our chef is working at improving his creations with which we will try to live up to our guests’ expectations. Among the recipes that will be in the menu 2017 at the restaurant à la carte “Giardino dei Limoni”, we must mention the Beef Tartare with truffle, burratina and anchovies. A fresh starter from the land and the sea combining the truffle from Lake Garda hills with high quality meat. A soft burratina and savoured anchovies enrich this dish and exalt its Mediterrenean flavour. As to say: a perfect dish for a summer night along the lake to taste while waiting for the sunset and paired with a glass of Valtenesi Chiaretto, a rosé wine from the West shore of Lake Garda that this year should be special thanks to the great grape harvest 2016.



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