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The "classics" of the Grand Hotel cuisine

The cuisine represents one of the strongest points of the Grand Hotel Gardone. During this period of closure, we would like to relive the emotions of the great season 2016 proposing the most successful dishes at the restaurant à la carte “Il Giardino dei Limoni”, The Lemon Garden.  We would undoubtedly mention the recipe of a classic: roasted saddle of lamb with crunchy bread, hazelnuts, mustard and baby vegetables.  This is the result of a simple but successful intuition based on the use of an excellent raw material: lambs fed on promontories in Scotland near the sea. In this way the meat gets its strong and captivating organoleptic profile. However, thanks to the use of hazelnuts, the dish gets its distinctive crunchy characteristic. The final result is a mix of strong flavors with excellent balance and delicacy, enhanced by the combination with Groppello del Garda, characterized by spiced notes and savory taste. Definitely, let it tempt you during your next visit at the Grand Hotel Gardone.   


Heyse, the Grand Hotel in the novel of a Nobel Prize

With reference to the recent debate over Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize for Literature, it is interesting to remember how the history of Grand Hotel Gardone is closely related to that of a famous Nobel Prize of the past: the writer Paul Johann Ludwig Heyse born on 15th March 1830 in Berlin and died on 2nd April in Munich. As many German people do today, Paul Heyse was fascinated from Lake Garda where he stayed for many years choosing the Grand Hotel Gardone as holiday resort. The famous poet and dramaturge was guest of the Grand Hotel Gardone from 1899 to 1909 and he was really captivated by the atmosphere of the hotel that he chose to set the story “A night in Venice”, written in 1901 and published in 1902 in Lake Garda’s Novels. It is obvious to say that this novel could be a good idea to get ready for summer 2017 reading Heyse’s words, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1910.


Autumn, it's harvest time on Garda

The olive harvest has begun in these days on the shores of Lake Garda characterized by an unconventional autumn weather with sunny days and typical spring temperatures. This activity is an important tradition for Lake Garda agriculture, it is a sort of rite of passage: big firms and a lot of families, owners of small olive tree groves, begin picking ripe olives in order to bring them to olive mills located on the territory to produce and stock olive oil. The excellence and the high-quality profile of the extra virgin olive oil made in Lake Garda are recognized and rewarded worldwide every year. The western shore of Lake Garda in the province of Brescia produces 76 percent of the entire production of olive oil made in Lombardy and Puegnano del Garda is the district with the biggest number of olive trees with more than 100 hectares.


Let's remember summer with the Grand Hotel dishes

The fantastic Grand Hotel Gardone 2016 season is finished a few days ago with the closure on October 19th: now the summer atmosphere seems already distant but through our blog we will try to keep it alive in your memory with some of the most evocative snapshots of the past months . In particular, in the coming weeks, we will re-present the most successful dishes served at the tables of our à la carte restaurant "Giardino dei Limoni", which this year has distinguished itself with a gastronomic proposal balanced between creativity and raw materials of absolute excellence. Two characteristics that you can undoubtedly find in King Prawns on Bed of Mashed Purple Potatoes and Sauce Bercy: a plate of extreme refinement, where the sweetness of the shellfish, enhanced by the combination with the creaminess of mashed purple potato, is matched with a sauce that gives the final result the right degree of acidity. In short, a plate to mark definitely on the agenda for the upcoming holiday of 2017 at the Grand Hotel Gardone!



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