• At the Grand Hotel Gardone the summer cocktail is the "Dannunziano"

    The story of Gabriele D'Annunzio and that of the Grand Hotel Gardone Riviera are intimately intertwined. The great Italian poet and writer is notoriously numbered among the many distinguished guests in the first big hotel on Lake Garda: and to  the “Lord of the Vittoriale” Grand Hotel has dedicated not only one of its most prestigious and sought-after rooms, but also a summer cocktail that many guests are now used to sip every night at the tables of Winnie's Bar, contemplating the beauty of lake Garda and waiting for the dinner hour.

    The Dannunziano, as this fascinating cocktail was baptized, has now a long history: it was created in October 2002 to commemorate the twinning of Gardone Riviera and Pescara, birthplace of the poet. The meeting between the mayors of the two cities was held in the halls of the Grand Hotel and was signed with this very cocktail whose base is made up of fresh blueberries centrifuged (3/10), mixed with champagne Pol Roger (6/10) and 1/10 Aurum, a delicious orange-flavored liqueur produced right in Pescara. The color, for its severe tones, is reminiscent of the interior of the Vittoriale: and the taste, fresh but intense at the same time, is really worth discovering.

  • Grand Spritz, the Mid-August Drink at Grand Hotel Gardone

    In 2012 our barman Massimo Mannella created this new cocktail because he wanted to dedicate a drink to Grand Hotel Gardone. This “ultimate signature cocktail” is served in a wine glass carefully selected and then personalized with the logo of Grand Hotel and the name of the drink. In this way, we satisfy any request of a lot of clients/friends that often ask us objects of Winnie’s bar as souvenir of their stay.

    The recipe is based on fresh centrifuged carrots, aperol and prosecco. The unexpected and surprising combination of vegetable, wine and liqueur gives as a result a fresh and healty drink. That is an alternative to the well-known and a little bit ordinary Aperol Spritz. Its success is the answer to our choice. 


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