• Perla del Garda, a record-breaking Lugana in the Grand Hotel Gardone wine list

     Lake Garda is now emerging worldwide as one of the territories of great excellence for wines production: new important confirmations in this regard come from Perla del Garda, which conquered three awards at the last edition of the Decanter World Wine Awards in London, the world's largest wine competition launched in 2004 by the British magazine Decanter. 

  • Dish of the Week: the Scallops of the Giardino dei Limoni restaurant

    Many typical flavors of the region, but also many recipes that reflect the best of the Mediterranean tradition, letting the fish of our lake  making place also for that of our seas: this is the philosophy pursued by the Giardino dei Limoni, the à la carte restaurant of Grand Hotel Gardone, which has won great favors during the 2016 season thanks to an extensively renovated menu rich in particularly creative recipes. One of the most successful dishes in recent months are undoubtedly the Scallops Gratin on salad and oranges petals with leeks and Topinambur cream: a definitely succeeded idea, which aims to enhance the delicacy of an absolutely excellent raw material with this particular cream, able to create a nice contrast to the sweetness of the shellfish.

  • Frutto del Garda on display at Grand Hotel

    Grand Hotel Gardone opens its space to the typical productions of the territory: it’s happening in the halls of our à la carte restaurant Giardino dei Limoni, where we have staged a showcase of the exquisite products signed by Frutto del Garda, a small company of great excellence which grows organic citrus fruits and trasforms them into jams, liqueurs and other goodies. Located not surprisingly in Limone, Frutto del Garda is a sort of splendid garden where grow 49 different species of citrus, including cedar, lemon, orange, bergamot, bitter oranges, limes, grapefruits. Hence comes a range of very interesting references, all strictly handmade and organic such as jams, in which citrus fruits are “softened” by the presence of apple or pear, or liqueurs such as Limoncello and Double Cedar or the Spirit of Bitter Orange, or a wonderful elderberry syrup, to be tasted with red fruits in general. All typical products that remind us how Lake Garda is the northernmost place in the world where it is still possible to cultivate typical Mediterranean fruits like lemons and oranges for the note, or as capers and olives.

  • Pozzolengo saffron, the Garda gold in the ravioli of Grand Hotel Gardone

    There’s nearly evertything, in the “basket” of typical products of Lake Garda: wine and extra virgin olive oil, fish and truffles, honey and cheeses, cold meats and citrus, capers and beer. But not everyone knows that the lake is now also a renowned producer of saffron, a production that has developed in particular in the municipality of Pozzolengo, charming rural village dominated by the vineyards of Lugana not far from Desenzano. From here comes a pure high quality saffron that you can also taste in our Grand Hotel in one of the most popular dishes of the restaurant à la carte Giardino dei Limoni: the Whitefish Ravioli with Artichokes and Pozzolengo Saffron Sauce. It is a recipe at the same time tasty but of extreme delicacy, with carefully balanced flavors to create a harmony without overlaps: the ravioli are made with a thin egg pasta stuffed with a filling based on whitefish meat, one of the most delicate and valuable fish of the lake. The Pozzolengo Saffron sauce is the refined touch that enriches the plate, finished with a bed of artichokes to balance the mix of flavors. Try it matched with local wines: a glass of Lugana Riserva, or even a Chiaretto.

  • Tavolara Lobster, a sea king in the Grand Hotel menu

    The best of the sea on the shores of the lake: this is the “philosophy” on which is based the' 'Tavolara Blue Lobster with Misticanza and Sweet Melon with Basil smoothie", one of the most successful dishes of 2016 season here at our à la carte restaurant Garden of Lemons. As we have repeatedly told on our blog during the summer, Grand Hotel Gardone kitchen has renewed his commitment to the promotion of local traditions, expanding the proposal, however, also to the best of Mediterranean flavors, with the goal to seal the Garda stay of our guests Garda with a 360 degree gastronomic experience. This philosophy is also part of the creation of this dish, starting of course from a raw material of excellence such as blue lobster caught in the pristine waters of the Tavolara island: our chef’s goal was to enhance this extraordinary product of the island at the north west of Sardinia boldly combining two sweet flavors, precisely that of lobster and melon, for a result of great freshness, particularly suitable for summer weather.


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