• At the Grand Hotel Gardone, Giordano Bruno Guerri was awarded with the “Palladio Gardesano”

    In the ball room of Grand Hotel Gardone took place the prize-giving ceremony of the “Palladio Gardesano”, a prize created by the Confraternita del Groppello and dedicated to personalities committed in the promotion of Lake Garda and its cultural, historic and environmental heritage. In the last three editions the prize was given to the entrepreneur Attilio Camozzi, to the oenologist Mattia Vezzola and to the director Francesco Piavoli. This year the prize has been given to Giordano Bruno Guerri, president of the Vittoriale degli Italiani, for his commitment to valorising one of the most important museums on Lake Garda. A cultural destination that has been improved under Guerri’s guidance increasing the number of visitors and attracting new tourists with benefits for the entire lake. The prize was a sculpture realized by a young artist Fabio Lombardi, that won a competition that involved students of the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Brescia.  


  • Perla del Garda, a record-breaking Lugana in the Grand Hotel Gardone wine list

     Lake Garda is now emerging worldwide as one of the territories of great excellence for wines production: new important confirmations in this regard come from Perla del Garda, which conquered three awards at the last edition of the Decanter World Wine Awards in London, the world's largest wine competition launched in 2004 by the British magazine Decanter. 

  • A Dannunziano to sip by the lake

    With the arrival of July, we can say that we are in the heart of summer: it is time to enjoy this beautiful season with long evenings and perfect temperature on Lake Garda. At the Grand Hotel Gardone you can experience this unique atmosphere thanks to the great attention to details that make the difference.
    For example, with an inebriating and velvety cocktail to sip by the lake while staring at the marvellous panorama. At the Grand Hotel Gardone, the official cocktail is the Dannunziano, a creation by our bartender Massimo Mannella that testifies the importance of the tie with d’Annunzio, great figure of the Italian literature of the XXth century. D’Annunzio stayed at the Grand Hotel Gardone in 1921 for some months while waiting for Villa Cargnacco, later the Vittoriale degli Italiani, to be refurbished. “The Dannunziano, explains Massimo Mannella, was created on October 2002 to celebrate the twinning between Gardone Riviera and Pescara, where d’Annunzio was born. In that occasion there was a meeting between the two mayors and counsellors of the two towns that were served the cocktail. Thanks to its great success, the cocktail was included into the list of cocktails at the Winnie’s Bar, American bar at the Grand Hotel Gardone, where took place this meeting. 
    This is the recipe: 3/10 centrifuged fresh blueberries, 1/10 Aurum (similar to Gran Marnier, a delicious liqueur with orange flavour produced right in Pescara) 6/10 Pol Roger, champagne of the Maison GHG. It is served in a typical glass like Bellini and the colour is dark like the interior of the Vittoriale, d’Annunzio’s last home.

  • A glass of Pol Roger at the Winnie's Bar to celebrate summer

    At the Grand Hotel Gardone we love to respect traditions. Among traditions there is one introduced few years ago by an excellent guest of the XXth century: it is clearly Sir Winston Churchill that was our guest on July 1949. His stay left indelible memories in Gardone: in particular at the Grand Hotel that dedicated him the Winnie’s Bar, American bar where he loved spending time smoking cigar and sipping his favourite champagne, Pol Roger. Therefore, the Grand Hotel has remained faithful to his preference and has chosen this prestigious label as official champagne. But who was Pol Roger? Born in 1831, son of a lawyer, he began to work as wine merchant producing his wine in 1849 in Epernay, in the heart of the champagne wine region. The first bottles were sold in 1853 and the success was immediate. Pol Roger received an imperial mandate for the Austro-Hungarian royal court and even today has a royal mandate as champagne supplier for Queen Elizabeth II. Today the brand is under the property and managed by Pol Roger’s descendants: the production was about 110 thousand cases and the most prestigious label is right Vintage Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill, and other 6 types.  It seems that Pol Roger became his favourite champagne since 1908. Regarding the great French wine, the English statesman was used to repeat this famous Napoleonic quotation “In victory I deserve it, in defeat I need it”. From here began an historical tie that is continuing to last. A curiosity: in 1965, when Churchill died, Pol Roger put a black strip on bottle labels shipped to the United Kingdom as a sign of mourning.


  • A little bit of austrian "grandeur" in the Grand Hotel origins

    The Grand Hotel Gardone, as our guests well know, is not a hotel like the others. This uniqueness is in part related to its historic value that is closely related to its Austrian origin. The founder of the Grand Hotel Gardone was Austrian, the engineer Luigi Wimmer. He was born in Retz in 1842 and died in 1883 at the age of 41 without seeing the hotel that he had imagined and the activity that he dreamed right in Gardone Riviera where he moved with his family due to his health problems. At that time there were a lot of people that travelled to Lake Garda to fight against lung diseases during winter months. For this reason Wimmer, that became major of Gardone, believed that a big hotel should be a winning idea. He was right and experts recognised that he began the transformation of a town into a health resort for Mitteleuropean people. It is not a case that the little square by the lake was dedicated to him. A lot of excellent guests were fascinated by Gardone Riviera: from the Nobel prize for literature Paul Heyse (German writer that at the Grand Hotel settled his  “Lake Garda novel” or King George of Saxony in 1903 or the writer Vladimir Nabokov, author of the famous Lolita.


  • A long music summer at the Vittoriale in Gardone

    Ben Harper will be the star of the musical summer on Lake Garda. The great Americanartist will have the task of closing with two shows (scheduled on 10th and 11th August) the program of concerts “Tener-A-Mente 2017”, the festival of the Vittoriale in Gardone Riviera that even this year has continued to attract music lovers thanks to a program focused, in a particular way, on great protagonists on the international music scene.

    The d’Annunzio’s monumental complex, that can be easily reached by foot from Grand Hotel Gardone, will become even this year a top destination for music lovers of all ages. Many artists will perform during the next season on the stage of the amphitheatre. The band Baustelle, one of the most fascinating groups of the new Italian music, will be the first to begin and on 2nd July the group will inaugurate the 7th edition of the musical event. There are a lot of appointments to note in the agenda. On 4th the list of great foreign artists will be inaugurated by the English singer-songwriter Passenger, that became famous worldwide thanks to the hit “Let her go”. After him on 6th, Jesus and Mary Chain, famous British rock band in the 80s, will be on the stage. On 9th will perform the genial Texan singer-songwriter  Devendra Banhart, the evening after Mark Lanegan, one of the great rock voice made in the USA, and on 12th will be the moment of Ryan Adams with his alt-country, rocker from North Carolina. Icons of rock music will not to miss: The Pretenders with their leader Chrissie Hydne (13) and Steve Winwood (16). Not to be missed the new band supported by new generations like for example Elbow (15) or Jack Savoretti (18). On 26th LP, one the most successful pop artist of the last months, will perform with her unique whistle. Then, the double grand finale with the spiritual rock blues of Ben Harper, that will perform on the stage for 2 different great shows. In the middle there are other important Italian names like for example Niccolò Fabi (22) and Carmen Consoli (29) and other two appointments in the fascinating setting of the “Laghetto delle Danze” with the Armenian pianist Tigran Hamasyan (28) and with the great jazz accordist Richard Galliano (6th August). On 19th May there will be the preview with Gardamusei in the valley delle Cartiere with the event “Valle delle Cartiere with Elio: the leader of the group “Elio e le Storie Tese” will perform  his show inspired by the poem “Baldus”. Info and pre-sale for tickets: or 340-1392446 

  • A Menu for a taste of Garda at the Grand Hotel

    Among the new features that characterize the summer 2016 season at the Grand Hotel Gardone, there are also the creations of the Territory Menu proposed for tasting at the restaurant à la carte Giardino Dei Limoni, and designed to enhance the traditional cuisine of Lake Garda in a modern key, always deeply respectful of raw materials. The menu changes regularly to ensure guests a total sensory experience of good food and good living on Lake Garda: but some proposals have already become a must in the Giardino dei Limoni such as Pink Trout Benaco Speck with Medicinal Herbs of Mount Baldo and Cereals Toast: a dish of great delicacy and harmony joined by another starter of particular balance such as the Lightly Smoked Char on Misticanza and Fior di Maderno Caper. These are opening courses where lightness prevails, ideal for continuing with a rather rich and sumptuous pasta dish as the Whitefish Ravioli with artichokes on Pozzolengo Saffron fondue, which confirms the kitchen will to focus on an often unrecognized heritage as Lake fish. Alternatively, you can opt for the Formaggella di Tremosine Tortelloni, prepared with one of the most popular and widespread Garda cheeses and served in the classic Brescia version, with mountain butter and crispy sage. The alternation recurs also in the main courses between fish (the Whitefish Delights to Garda perfumes) and white meat with a recipe, the White of Guinea Hen White Truffle Scorzone of Valtènesi, recalling that is also a land where you can find good truffles. It is to be remembered that Giardino dei Limoni is also opened to external clients.

  • A sweet Chistmas remembering the Grand Hotel

    Christmas is coming and Lake Garda is getting ready to celebrate this unmissable event. 

    According to the tradition, Christmas is a family centred festival with some sweet temptations to give in.

    Therefore, there is nothing better than a recipe of our pastry chef to remember hot summer days 2016 and welcome the new year. Undoubtedly, one of the most successful dessert of the last season, the “lemon cream cake with bergamot fruit sauce” . Our pastry chef ‘s will  is to tell Lake Garda flavours in a new way in order to offer a complete tasting experience of the territory that can satisfy the palate and capture the heart. In this case, the idea is based on the use of the citrus aroma, above all lemon, for the cream combined with a crumbly short pastry and a fine sauce. A balanced creation perfect to taste while staring at sunset or.. under the Christmas tree. 

  • A sweet memory from Lake Garda to spend your winter days

    The first month in 2017 has already passed and the summer season is coming closer more and more. It’s time to think about summer holiday on Lake Garda that is covered in a blanket of fog in these days. This weather is common in winter that this year has recorded unusually low temperatures. So, sun and hot weather are still far away. Therefore, there is nothing better than relieving you by remembering summer with a great Italian dessert signed by Grand Hotel Gardone. In our kitchen, the pastry chef is already at work to improve the menu for the season 2017. Among the proposals the Greedy Trilogy cannot be missed because of its great success last year. It is a “pyrotechnic” dessert, dedicated to greedy people of all ages. It combines different delicacies: chocolate mousse, creamy lemon and mascarpone pudding with a refined and satisfying taste of extreme delicacy. What better way to spend these freezing days and dreaming about your next stay in Gardone Riviera?

  • Arena Opera Festival, 48 amazing nights From 23rd June to 27th August

    The 95th Edition of Arena Opera Festival in Verona will start on 23rd June, an unmissable summer festival for all opera and ballet lovers and for all the tourists that every year decide to spend their holiday on Lake Garda. There are 48 events scheduled with 5 great operas and 3 amazing gala. The long-waited production of Nabucco will inaugurate the season and then will be the turn of Aida, a symbol of the festival since its inauguration in 1913. The masterpiece by Giuseppe Verdi is scheduled on 24th June and then it will be performed again with 2 different stagings: one contemporary, that is spectacular and really innovative conceived by the Catalan artistic team “Fura dels Baus”, and one traditional realized in 1982 by Gianfranco de Bosio. The show will go on with another great opera by Giuseppe Verdi, “Rigoletto”, scheduled for 5 dates starting from the 1st July. 6 dates for “Madame Butterfly” by Puccini scheduled from 8th July in the famous setting by Franco Zeffirelli in 2004. The last opera is “Tosca” by Puccini that is on stage for 5 dates starting from 5th August with a staging realized by Hugo de Ana. The programme has been enriched with 3 gala: on Monday 17th July the great dance event with Roberto Bolle and Friends, on Friday 21st July is on stage a prestigious night entitled Gala Domingo – Antologìa de la Zarzuela, where will be performed the most famous aria from the Spanish popular tradition, while on 15th August the appointment is with the Gala IX Symphony by Beethoven.

    Time for performances:

    In June and July from 9 p.m.

    In August from 8.45 p.m.


    Roberto Bolle and Friends on 17th July at 10 p.m.

    Domingo -Antologìa de la Zarzuela on 21st July at 10 p.m.

    IX Symphony by Beethoven on 15th August at 10 p.m.

    Information & bookings
    Pre-sales on the official website or our guest are offered a special service to buy tickets at reception of the Grand Hotel Gardone. Moreover, it is possible to arrange a private transfer to reach Verona for the event. For more information ask at reception.

  • At the Grand Hotel Gardone the summer cocktail is the "Dannunziano"

    The story of Gabriele D'Annunzio and that of the Grand Hotel Gardone Riviera are intimately intertwined. The great Italian poet and writer is notoriously numbered among the many distinguished guests in the first big hotel on Lake Garda: and to  the “Lord of the Vittoriale” Grand Hotel has dedicated not only one of its most prestigious and sought-after rooms, but also a summer cocktail that many guests are now used to sip every night at the tables of Winnie's Bar, contemplating the beauty of lake Garda and waiting for the dinner hour.

    The Dannunziano, as this fascinating cocktail was baptized, has now a long history: it was created in October 2002 to commemorate the twinning of Gardone Riviera and Pescara, birthplace of the poet. The meeting between the mayors of the two cities was held in the halls of the Grand Hotel and was signed with this very cocktail whose base is made up of fresh blueberries centrifuged (3/10), mixed with champagne Pol Roger (6/10) and 1/10 Aurum, a delicious orange-flavored liqueur produced right in Pescara. The color, for its severe tones, is reminiscent of the interior of the Vittoriale: and the taste, fresh but intense at the same time, is really worth discovering.

  • At the Grand Hotel to taste a dish between Garda and the Mediterranean

    A reinterpretation in Garda style of a classic Venetian dish: Bigoli al Torchio with Sardines of Lake and Toasted Pine Nuts are undoubtedly one of the proposals that this season has got more successful at the tables of Giardino dei Limoni, the à la carte restaurant of our Grand Hotel Gardone. The recipe is fully part of the ranks of the great Italian popular tradition, in that special mosaic of preparations related to a cuisine poor but rich in spirit, taste, imagination and authenticity that has generated some of the recicpes for which Italy is still famous all over the world. But the Grand Hotel chef wanted to go beyond the more orthodox format of the original preparation, reinterpreting the recipe in a key at the same time linked to the Garda territory but also full of typical Mediterranean flavors. The addition of little tomatoes arises for example by the desire to counterbalance the strong taste of the sardines, while pine nuts adds a nice crunch to a dish where the last touch with oil flavored with basil adds great freshness. The recommended match is undoubtedly with a young Lugana, or even better with a Valtènesi Chiaretto.

  • Ben Harper guest of the Grand Hotel Gardone


    The Grand Hotel Gardone is confirmed this summer 2017 as the preferred hotel for international music stars: after the american singer-songwriter LP, who stayed in the hotel for her extraordinary sold out performance on July 26 at Vittoriale, the Grand Hotel Gardone was also honored to host Ben Harper, starred on August 10 and 11, with two extraordinary sold out nights that have triumphantly ended the 2017 edition of Tener-A-Mente, the Vittoriale summer festival. Harper literally enchanted the auditorium of the amphitheater, ancient home of the italian poet Gabriele D’Annunzio, with two acoustic shows, for which he appeared on stage solo accompanied only by his guitars and occasionally by a piano. "I don’t know what i deserve, but certainly not to play in such a wonderful place," said the Californian musician, who for his stay on Lake Garda chose to immerse himself in the unique atmosphere of the Grand Hotel Gardone, a true symbol of Garda tourism with over 130 years of history behind and a long list of glorious guests, from Gabriele D'Annunzio to Winston Churchill through Nabokov, Patti Smith and Lou Reed. "It was a huge pleasure to host two of the greatest artists on the international music scene," said owner Orietta Mizzaro, at the top of the structure with her brother Federico. “Grand Hotel Gardone and Tener-a-Mente are two excellences that make Gardone Riviera one of the summer tourism capitals on Lake Garda: the synergy we have made for this successful season is really positive. " On the occasion of tbe Ben Harper concerts, Grand Hotel Gardone also offered a dream night with overnight stay and dinner at the à la carte Garden of Lemons restaurant, won by a young couple of spectators.




  • Ben Harper, a double sold out for the american star in Gardone Riviera

    The summer festival of Gardone Riviera's Vittoriale ends under the sign of a double sold out: there are no more tickets for the two Ben Harper's shows, scheduled for the evenings of Thursday 10 and Friday, 11 August. The Tener-A-Mente 2017 festival ends on a triumphant note, after having brought in Gardone many international stars since the beginning of July, from Steve Winwood to LP to and many others. At the Vittoriale Harper will perform on his own with his guitar, and promises two different shows for each of the evenings, who will see him draw on a very extensive repertoire: since the 1994 debut with "Welcome to the cruel world" the Californian artist has in fact published something like 14 studio albums, both in his own name and with Innocent Criminals or with other projects. In short, the ideal opportunity to see in action one of the most important names emerging from the American rock panorama of the last twenty years, a particularly appreciated performer for the magnetic charge that he can release live. With him, Gardone Riviera is preparing to live another two nights of pure magic, confirming itself as one of the great cultural capitals of Lake Garda.



  • Best wishes for a happy new year from Grand Hotel Gardone!

    2017 has now come to an end: these days it's easy to return with the memory to the many successes of a year that, for our Grand Hotel Gardone, was absolutely extraordinary. The challenges we have put in place have borne fruit: we have bet on an idea of 360 degrees ​​hospitality at 360, capable of giving a complete sensory experience, combining comfort and gastronomy, history and beauty, nature and good taste. The numbers once again proved us right, confirming and indeed reinforcing the charm of our hotel, an absolutely unique structure in which it is still possible, as we like to repeat, "to be guests of history". In these days that are soon before the New Year's party, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the visitors who have chosen the Grand Hotel Gardone for their holidays: we all want to remember that we are already working for the new season, with the hope of having you again with us and to be able again to give you the magic of a unique emotion.

    Best wishes to everyone!
    Mizzaro Family & Staff











  • Churchill's spirit in the Grand Hotel's junior suite

    Among the most famous guests that stayed at the Grand Hotel Gardone in more than 130 years of history, Winston Churchill deserves a separate chapter. The great statesman was our guest in July 1949 and his arrival in Gardone Riviera seemed to be the return to a normal life after the Second World War. News sections of that event are unforgettable and we can state without any doubt that he left indelible traces. We have only a short video (you can have a look at this link: that represents an outstanding historic witness. The Grand Hotel that you can see in these ancient pictures is nowadays the same that wanted to dedicate him a beautiful Junior Suite, that is one of the most requested room, ( and the Winnie’s Bar, named “Winnie’s” in his honour. And even today we serve there the Pol Roger: his favourite champagne. He loved sipping it during his journey more than 68 years ago.

  • Dear guests, see you on Lake Garda in 2017!

    Grand Hotel Gardone closes and celebrates a season of great successes: after six wonderful months of work, today, on Wednesday 19th October, our hotel closes for the usual winter break. We would like to take the opportunity to thank all the guests who have helped to make this a truly memorable summer, characterized on Lake Garda by an extraordinary climate and very pleasant which, we are sure, contributed to a fantastic holiday for all the many visitors who have chosen to confirm their loyalty to our magnificent lake. This year, Grand Hotel Gardone has come back to its customers an unprecedented role by investing in particular on communication, in the belief that this is part of the "institutional" task of a structure that, for its important historical past, represents still today one of the greatest points of reference for the world of Garda tourism. With our new website and our regularly updated blog, we tried to provide timely information on both the new features of the hotel and on the events, appointments and news about Garda. But major changes regarded at the same time our wine and food proposal: in our à la carte restaurant "Giardino dei Limoni" we have created a space in which to taste and enjoy local products and flavors of the area to ensure our guests a 360 degrees experience of the true "Garda lifestyle". Our hope is that these efforts have contributed to make your vacation a memory to rethink about calmly in the now nearing winter evenings.
    Now the Grand Hotel Gardone closes, but does not go on vacation: starting from tomorrow we will be working to plan the next season, and our blog will continue to inform you about all the hotel news  even during the winter months, hoping to keep alive in you the desire to come back and see us next summer.
    To everybody, a sincere thank you and see you in 2017!
    Mizzaro Family and staff

  • From 2018 civil marriages and unions also at the Grand Hotel Gardone

     From 2018 it will be possible to get married in the marvellous frame of Grand Hotel Gardone, symbol of tourism on Lake Garda, inaugurated in 1884: the family Mizzaro, hotel owner, and the municipality of Gardone Riviera have signed the agreement to celebrate civil unions and marriages in one of the most prestigious and suggestive locations in Italy. 

    Lovers from all over the world can celebrate their big day in a unique location which still conserves traces of its glorious past. From over 130 years the Grand Hotel Gardone has been a symbol of the “Belle Époque” that hosted in the past famous guests like Gabriele d’Annunzio, King George of Saxony, the Nobel Prize for Literature Paul Heyse but even famous artists of modern music like Lou Reed, Patti Smith, Ben Harper and LP. A location of great charm where today you can feel part of the history. 

    The price to be paid to the municipal functionary for celebrating the marriage at the Grand Hotel Gardone is € 1.000. 

    The hotel offers two solutions:
    1 - The first is the sumptuous “Salone delle Feste” with a breath-taking terrace over Lake Garda that during the Belle Époque, at the beginning of the XXth century, was the setting for marvellous receptions (Prices: € 800 from Monday to Friday, € 1.000 on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays).
    2 - An alternative more intimate yet spectacular is the room “Sala Virgilio” with lake view at € 400 or € 600 depending on the day of the week.













  • Gardone Riviera and its Grand Hotel on the TgCom24 site

    In summer 2016 our Grand Hotel and Gardone Riviera are among the most media recommended tourist destinations. 

  • Gardone Riviera, the unique municipality with the Blue Flag


    Gardone Riviera has confirmed the blue flag. Even this year the “garden city” on Lake Garda has obtained the prestigious recognition for water quality, for the excellence of services provided and for the environmental protection. Gardone is the unique municipality in the Lombardy region and on Lake Garda to be awarded  with the Orange Flag of Touring, with the Green Flag given by Confederazione Italiana Agricoltori (Italian Farmers Confederation) and with the Four Sails of Legambiente, an Italian environmentalist association.


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