• Tener-A-Mente Festival, an international summer in Gardone Riviera

    Tener-A-Mente, the summer festival of the Vittoriale di Gardone Riviera, keeps on growing: three new artists announced this week or the 2018 edition starting with Yann Tiersen, an eclectic French composer (he is the author of the soundtrack of "The fabulous world of Amèlie ") that will perform in a" solo piano "performance.Appointment on July 31, tickets from 45 to 30 euros..

    This summer the "garden city" on Lake Garda will also host another big American jazz-soul musician like Marcus Miller, great bassist who played alongside Miles Davis and Wayne Shorter: his concert is set for July 25, tickets from 50 to 30 euros.

    Finally, on June 27, again from America, here is The Dream Syndicate, cult band of the '80s neopsichedelic scene, which has been back on the scene for a few years: in this case the coupons range from 35 to 25 euros. Pre-sales are open on the website

    We remind all music lovers that the Vittoriale is reachable with a charmng few minutes walk from our Grand Hotel Gardone, which is therefore an ideal solution for all those interested in following the Tener-A-Mente festival without giving up comfort of a hotel that is a symbol of tourism and of the history of Garda.









  • At the Grand Hotel Gardone, Giordano Bruno Guerri was awarded with the “Palladio Gardesano”

    In the ball room of Grand Hotel Gardone took place the prize-giving ceremony of the “Palladio Gardesano”, a prize created by the Confraternita del Groppello and dedicated to personalities committed in the promotion of Lake Garda and its cultural, historic and environmental heritage. In the last three editions the prize was given to the entrepreneur Attilio Camozzi, to the oenologist Mattia Vezzola and to the director Francesco Piavoli. This year the prize has been given to Giordano Bruno Guerri, president of the Vittoriale degli Italiani, for his commitment to valorising one of the most important museums on Lake Garda. A cultural destination that has been improved under Guerri’s guidance increasing the number of visitors and attracting new tourists with benefits for the entire lake. The prize was a sculpture realized by a young artist Fabio Lombardi, that won a competition that involved students of the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Brescia.  


  • Jeff Beck, here's the second star o Tener-A-Mente festival

    Jeff Beck, myth of the rock guitar of the '900, will inaugurate the 2018 edition of Tener-A-Mente, the summer festival of the Vittoriale in Gardone Riviera.

    Appointment scheduled for June 23: tickets 43, 55, 70 euros plus rights already in online presale on the site So great is the expectation for the English artist, 73, true champion of the electric guitar that in this show will retrace the most important stages of his career: from the beginning with the Yardbirds to the Jeff Beck Group. Another good reason to visit Gardone Riviera, staying at the Grand Hotel Gardone, from which the Vittoriale is easily reachable even with a few minutes walk. 

  • A long music summer at the Vittoriale in Gardone

    Ben Harper will be the star of the musical summer on Lake Garda. The great Americanartist will have the task of closing with two shows (scheduled on 10th and 11th August) the program of concerts “Tener-A-Mente 2017”, the festival of the Vittoriale in Gardone Riviera that even this year has continued to attract music lovers thanks to a program focused, in a particular way, on great protagonists on the international music scene.

    The d’Annunzio’s monumental complex, that can be easily reached by foot from Grand Hotel Gardone, will become even this year a top destination for music lovers of all ages. Many artists will perform during the next season on the stage of the amphitheatre. The band Baustelle, one of the most fascinating groups of the new Italian music, will be the first to begin and on 2nd July the group will inaugurate the 7th edition of the musical event. There are a lot of appointments to note in the agenda. On 4th the list of great foreign artists will be inaugurated by the English singer-songwriter Passenger, that became famous worldwide thanks to the hit “Let her go”. After him on 6th, Jesus and Mary Chain, famous British rock band in the 80s, will be on the stage. On 9th will perform the genial Texan singer-songwriter  Devendra Banhart, the evening after Mark Lanegan, one of the great rock voice made in the USA, and on 12th will be the moment of Ryan Adams with his alt-country, rocker from North Carolina. Icons of rock music will not to miss: The Pretenders with their leader Chrissie Hydne (13) and Steve Winwood (16). Not to be missed the new band supported by new generations like for example Elbow (15) or Jack Savoretti (18). On 26th LP, one the most successful pop artist of the last months, will perform with her unique whistle. Then, the double grand finale with the spiritual rock blues of Ben Harper, that will perform on the stage for 2 different great shows. In the middle there are other important Italian names like for example Niccolò Fabi (22) and Carmen Consoli (29) and other two appointments in the fascinating setting of the “Laghetto delle Danze” with the Armenian pianist Tigran Hamasyan (28) and with the great jazz accordist Richard Galliano (6th August). On 19th May there will be the preview with Gardamusei in the valley delle Cartiere with the event “Valle delle Cartiere with Elio: the leader of the group “Elio e le Storie Tese” will perform  his show inspired by the poem “Baldus”. Info and pre-sale for tickets: or 340-1392446 

  • At the Grand Hotel Gardone the summer cocktail is the "Dannunziano"

    The story of Gabriele D'Annunzio and that of the Grand Hotel Gardone Riviera are intimately intertwined. The great Italian poet and writer is notoriously numbered among the many distinguished guests in the first big hotel on Lake Garda: and to  the “Lord of the Vittoriale” Grand Hotel has dedicated not only one of its most prestigious and sought-after rooms, but also a summer cocktail that many guests are now used to sip every night at the tables of Winnie's Bar, contemplating the beauty of lake Garda and waiting for the dinner hour.

    The Dannunziano, as this fascinating cocktail was baptized, has now a long history: it was created in October 2002 to commemorate the twinning of Gardone Riviera and Pescara, birthplace of the poet. The meeting between the mayors of the two cities was held in the halls of the Grand Hotel and was signed with this very cocktail whose base is made up of fresh blueberries centrifuged (3/10), mixed with champagne Pol Roger (6/10) and 1/10 Aurum, a delicious orange-flavored liqueur produced right in Pescara. The color, for its severe tones, is reminiscent of the interior of the Vittoriale: and the taste, fresh but intense at the same time, is really worth discovering.

  • Ben Harper guest of the Grand Hotel Gardone


    The Grand Hotel Gardone is confirmed this summer 2017 as the preferred hotel for international music stars: after the american singer-songwriter LP, who stayed in the hotel for her extraordinary sold out performance on July 26 at Vittoriale, the Grand Hotel Gardone was also honored to host Ben Harper, starred on August 10 and 11, with two extraordinary sold out nights that have triumphantly ended the 2017 edition of Tener-A-Mente, the Vittoriale summer festival. Harper literally enchanted the auditorium of the amphitheater, ancient home of the italian poet Gabriele D’Annunzio, with two acoustic shows, for which he appeared on stage solo accompanied only by his guitars and occasionally by a piano. "I don’t know what i deserve, but certainly not to play in such a wonderful place," said the Californian musician, who for his stay on Lake Garda chose to immerse himself in the unique atmosphere of the Grand Hotel Gardone, a true symbol of Garda tourism with over 130 years of history behind and a long list of glorious guests, from Gabriele D'Annunzio to Winston Churchill through Nabokov, Patti Smith and Lou Reed. "It was a huge pleasure to host two of the greatest artists on the international music scene," said owner Orietta Mizzaro, at the top of the structure with her brother Federico. “Grand Hotel Gardone and Tener-a-Mente are two excellences that make Gardone Riviera one of the summer tourism capitals on Lake Garda: the synergy we have made for this successful season is really positive. " On the occasion of tbe Ben Harper concerts, Grand Hotel Gardone also offered a dream night with overnight stay and dinner at the à la carte Garden of Lemons restaurant, won by a young couple of spectators.




  • Ben Harper, a double sold out for the american star in Gardone Riviera

    The summer festival of Gardone Riviera's Vittoriale ends under the sign of a double sold out: there are no more tickets for the two Ben Harper's shows, scheduled for the evenings of Thursday 10 and Friday, 11 August. The Tener-A-Mente 2017 festival ends on a triumphant note, after having brought in Gardone many international stars since the beginning of July, from Steve Winwood to LP to and many others. At the Vittoriale Harper will perform on his own with his guitar, and promises two different shows for each of the evenings, who will see him draw on a very extensive repertoire: since the 1994 debut with "Welcome to the cruel world" the Californian artist has in fact published something like 14 studio albums, both in his own name and with Innocent Criminals or with other projects. In short, the ideal opportunity to see in action one of the most important names emerging from the American rock panorama of the last twenty years, a particularly appreciated performer for the magnetic charge that he can release live. With him, Gardone Riviera is preparing to live another two nights of pure magic, confirming itself as one of the great cultural capitals of Lake Garda.



  • Gardone Riviera and its Grand Hotel on the TgCom24 site

    In summer 2016 our Grand Hotel and Gardone Riviera are among the most media recommended tourist destinations. 

  • In Gardone Riviera a summer with international music stars for the festival “Tener-A-Mente”

    Gardone Riviera, one of the most important tourist capital on Lake Garda, has been the seat of one of the most important summer music festival in Italy for ages. The music festival Tener-A-Mente has a new concert schedule with international blues, rock and pop artists. This is the summer festival of the Vittoriale in Gardone Riviera, the house museum with a monumental park built by the Italian poet and novelist Gabriele d’Annunzio and that nowadays is one of the most popular cultural institutions in Italy. In the amphitheatre, with its great view over Lake Garda, will take place a lot of concerts: the pop rock band Baustelle open the season on 2nd. They will be the unique Italian artists onstage together with Niccolò Fabi (22) and Carmen Consoli (29). On 4th July with the concert held by the English Passenger will begin the international music artist performances. On 6th perform Jesus and Mary Chain, alternative rock band of the 80s, and on 9th is the turn of Devendra Banhart. On 10th is onstage Mark Lanegan and on 12th the American Ryan Adams and his alternative country. There will certainly be rock music icons like the Pretenders with the leader Chrissie Hynde (13), Steve Winwood (16) and on 15th is scheduled the English band Elbow with their sophisticated indie rock. Than Jack Savoretti (18) and LP (26) with her unique whistle. The grand finale is on 10th and on 11th August with two different concerts held by Ben Harper, famous for his guitar playing and vocals. Even this year will not miss the most sophisticated and exclusive sounds performed in the most suggestive area of the Vittoriale, the Laghetto delle Danze (the little dance lake). Two are the appointments scheduled: the Armenian pianist Tigran Hamasyan that will launch his second album “An ancient observer”, while on 6th August is the turn of Richard Galliano, jazz accordionist with a show between tango and French atmospheres. Info and pre-sales for tickets on the website

  • Jazz and rock stars from Lake Garda to Brescia

    The coming week will be full of high profile music events: it opens today with a concert by Pat Metheny and Ron Carter scheduled at Vittoriale in Gardone Riviera, where the two jazz giants will be on stage this evening with the critically acclaimed world tour that in the coming days will make a stop at the prestigious Umbria Jazz Festival. 

  • LP, a night in Gardone between the charm of the Grand Hotel and a glass of Chiaretto wine

    The great artist LP arrived in Gardone Riviera and left her mark: the Vittoriale was completely sold out for the concert of this American star with Italian origin performed on 26th July. A concert already sold out from weeks that met the expectations of the audience. A great pop artist that became famous in Italy during summer 2016 with her hit “Lost on you”. For her short stay on Lake Garda LP chose the Grand Hotel Gardone where she relaxed before and after her performance. Laura, this is her real name, was fascinated by the atmosphere of the Grand Hotel enjoying the marvellous panorama and tasting local products like for example the Chiaretto wine, a rosé wine produced on the shores of Lake Garda. A great person – said Orietta Mizzaro, owner of the Grand Hotel Gardone, pictured with LP at the hotel – a friendly and smiling woman that put everybody at ease. We will never forget her.” The audience at the Vittoriale was hypnotised by her great charm and above all by her voice. She sang her great successes “Muddy Waters”, “other people” and the closing song “Lost on you” that enchanted everybody with her amazing melody.





  • Norah Jones and Franz Ferdinand in the summer of Gardone Riviera


    Gardone Riviera is preparing a great musical summer for all its guest: this week the "Tener-A-Mente" festival has announced two new major international acts for the 2018 edition. On July 11th, Franz Ferdinand, the legend of British rock with seven million records sold worldwide: tickets at 55 and 34 euros more rights.

    On the 24th of July, the concert of Norah Jones, daughter of Ravi Shankar and soft jazz star with nine Grammy Awards won in her career. Admissions from 100 to 80, 75 or 50 euros plus pre-sale fees depending on the chosen place. Tickets are available in online presales in both cases on the site

    The festival program is getting richer and richer, as it already includes the shows by great names such as Jeff Beck, Pat Metheny, Steve Hackett and Cigarettes After Sex. For all music lovers an irresistible invitation to spend the next holidays on Garda, possibly choosing the Grand Hotel Gardone, from which the Vittoriale can also be reached easily with a few miutes walk.










  • Steve Vai and Fiorella Mannoia: Vittoriale Summer Festival starts on July 6

    The 2016 edition of Tener-A-Mente, the summer festival of the Vittoriale in Gardone Riviera, kicks off on July 6 with the concert of American guitarist Steve Vai. 

  • The guitar of Steve Hackett in the summer of Gardone Riviera

    Another great six-strings virtuoso for Tener-a-Mente 2018: after Jeff Beck and Pat Metheny, the summer festival of the Vittoriale di Gardone Riviera has announced the arrival of Steve Hackett, former member of Genesis and guitarist among the most appreciated of the rock scene of the 20th century. Appointment scheduled for the evening of Sunday, July 8: tickets cost 50, 40 and 30 euros plus pre-sale rights, available online from today on the site The British musician, born in 1950, promises a musical journey to the roots of progressive rock: in the setlist, many Genesis historical classics such as "Supper's Ready", "Dancing with the moonlit knight", and also songs of his solo production. Hackett will be on stage with a a five members band.









  • The Museum of Madness, in Salò the 2017 summer cultural event

    A great cultural event that will make Lake Garda much more famous worldwide. The exhibition "Museo della Follia (Museum of Madness): from Goya to Bacon" scheduled till 16th November at the museum MuSa in Salò is an unmissable event for all those who are going to visit Lake Garda during their summer holiday.

    The travelling exhibition curated by Vittorio Sgarbi in collaboration with the most prestigious museums such as the Museum d'Orsay and the museum of the Orangerie exhibits 200 artworks about madness. You can find paintings, photos, sculptures, pictures and multimedia with subject the extraordinary suggestion of the madness. 

    The visit begins on the lake promenade in Salò with the container "L'Intonapensieri", a preview of the exhibition that hosts 9 interactive installations with poems written by important figures such as Antonio Ligabue, Franco Basaglia and Alda Merini.

    The tour continues in the museum that is subdivided into sections where visitors can admire artworks realized by the most important artists that helped to write the history of art with their works: Francisco Goya, Franz von Stuck, Francis Bacon, Adolfo Wildt, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Italian personalities such as Piccio, Silvestro Lega, Michele Cammarano, Telemaco, Signorini, Antonio Mancini, Vincenzo Gemito, Fausto Pirandello, Antonio Ligabue, Pietro Ghizzardi. The exhibition has been subject of discussions for the preview of Adolf Hitler's oil paintings. 

    This extraordinary exhibition - says Giordano Bruno Guerri, president of the Vittoriale degli Italiani, director of the museum MuSa and Garda Musei. The cause of this discussion is due to the approach to this complex matter that has been dealt from many point of view: art, history and modernity. 


    These are the opening hours and ticket prices:



    March, April and May from Tuesday to Sunday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

    June, July, August and September from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

    October, November from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

    The ticket office closes one hour earlier (last entry)



    SINGLE TICKET - € 14,00

    REDUCED SINGLE TICKET - € 11,00 for visitors from 7 to 18 years, university students, over 65 years, resident citizens in Salò

    FREE TICKET - for children under 6 years, disable

    OPEN TICKET - € 16,00 open date ticket, valid from the day after the purchase date, with direct access to the ticket office. Limited availability.


  • The Palladio Gardesano Prize 2017 goes to Giordano Bruno Guerri

    Giordano Bruno Guerri, president of the Foundation “The Vittoriale degli Italiani” in Gardone Riviera, is the winner of the Palladio gardesano 2017, the award created by the Confraternita del Groppello given to people committed in valorising and promoting the territory. The awarding ceremony is scheduled on 22nd September at the Grand Hotel in Gardone Riviera that after having hosted the first two editions of the award (won in 2014 by the entrepreneur Attilio Camozzi and by the oenologist and wine producer Mattia Vezzola), it will be the official seat of the event.

    This year the Palladio is a sculpture realised by Fabio Bresciani, young artist, student at the Accademia Santa Giulia. The masterpiece has been selected by a jury of experts in occasion of the last edition of “Fiera di Puegnago” (Puegnago fair), where have been presented 30 sculptures for the competition organised by the Confraternita del Groppello in collaboration with Santa Giulia at the beginning of the year.
    “The launch of this event is important to make our relationship stronger as active organisation for the promotion of the territory – said the president of the Confraternita del Groppello, Massimo Piergentili in occasion of the presentation of the Palladio 2017 in the Gardone Riviera town hall. But it is important to underline the choice of the winner, Giordano Bruno Guerri: a Sienese fascinated by the beauty of Lake Garda that has been able to give a new impetus to the Vittoriale, attracting new tourists on the territory and so working for its development. 

  • the Valley of the Paper Mills hosts the debut of Tener-A-Mente

    Only few days left for Tener-A-Mente 2017. This week the summer festival of the Vittoriale in Gardone Riviera will officially begin with a suggestive preview scheduled on Friday 19th May in the Paper Mills in Toscolano, where Elio, musician, flautist and frontman of the famous group “Elio e le storie tese”, will deal with the reading of “Baldus” written by Teofilo Folengo, a macaronic narrative poem among the most important poems in the 1500s for Italian literature. The event has been organised to celebrate the 500thanniversary of the first edition of the poem that was printed in the XIV century right in the paper mill in Toscolano, where the poem will be presented. You can easily reach the location of the show on foot. It is only 15 minutes walking from the starting point in Largo Matteotti or with a tourist train (2 € per ticket) with departure from Caduti di Nassirya. Toscolano 1381, the most ancient paper mill on Lake Garda that even today produces hand-made paper according to the ancient tradition, has offered this evening. The show will take place in the Museo della Carta (the Paper Mill Museum in Maina Inferiore) that will be open to visitors even after the event. In the case of rain the show will take place in the room “Sala Cartai” in the museum of the paper mill. So, an evening that offers a double opportunity: attend a performance and visit one of the most fascinating places on Lake Garda.

  • Vittoriale by night in August and September

    A series of special night openings to admire the Vittoriale in Gardone Riviera from a new fascinating perspective. This is the new project launched in occasion of the new lighting for Gabriele d’Annunzio’s house-museum. A real artistic lighting technique capable to create magical atmospheres that visitors can experience thanks to night openings scheduled on 5th, 12th,19th  and 26thAugust and on 2nd, 9th and 16th September. In these occasions visitors can discover the park and the symbols of the Vittoriale, like the Prioria or the cruiser Puglia, with the new lighting. Visits can be booked only on the website



  • Vittoriale celebrating on 1st June

    In Gardone Riviera there is “Un immenso desiderio di festa” (a deep desire to celebrate): this is the name of the extraordinary event that will take place the day before the Republic Day at the Vittoriale: free entrance to the park of the monumental complex on 1st June all day long (last entry at 11.30 pm). There will be a rich program with great events that will finish with the “Notturnale Tener-A-Mente”, 3 live concerts in the park: the first at 10.30 pm on the ship “Nave Puglia” with Banda Osiris, the second near the fountain Fontana del Delfino with Silent WiFi Concert by Andrea Vizzini at 11.30 p.m. and the third on the stage of the amphitheatre with the pianist Cesare Picco feat Painé Cuardelli in “Cosmology of Bach”. Even the concerts will be free of charge. Moreover, there will be an exhibition about Pascoli e d’Annunzio to consolidate the union between the two foundations, that were created in their honour, and to improve the tie between these two poets that were so far but yet so close. Magnifiche Presenze in Villa Mirabella will exhibit letters, documents and above all interesting photos by Caterina Salvi Westbrookeche describing and exalting these two poets, and other photo-paintings by Sandra Rigali about their relationships, friendships and documents related to their life and work. During the day will be presented the new app “Vittoriale” to visit the park and the Prioria of the Vittoriale using smartphones that will work as an audio-video pocket guide. It will be possible to visit the Prioria by night from 8 pm to 11 pm (last entry) with tickets at 13 Euro.

  • Vittoriale Festival, here's the first star for 2018

    Pat Metheny will be the first star of the summer festival of the Gardone Riiviera Vittoriale: the great American guitarist will perform on July 18 and tickets for this first big event of summer 2018 on Lake Garda are already available in advance on the site, with prices between 31 and 52 euros plus rights. The artist promises a completely renewed show: on this occasion in fact there will be a trio of musicians composed by the drummer Antonio Sanchez, his now trusted collaborator, by the talented bass player from Australia (but with Malaysian origins) Linda May Han Oh and by the British pianist Gwilin Simcock. The show promises to be a high-level live session between jazz, blues and rock.









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