• Rocca di Manerba, a destination not to be missed for summer 2017

    It is one of the most enchanting natural attractions on Lake Garda: a big area of 900 thousand sqm rich in historical and environmental values. Rocca di Manerba is undoubtedly one of the top destinations to visit during summer 2017 on Lake Garda.

    You can reach the cliff by car from the city centre of Manerba, leaving from the suburb Montinelle and parking the car opposite the visitors’ centre. There begins your great excursion: the top of the Rocca is a real rocky spur falling sheer into the lake and dominated by a big cross offering breathtaking views to be photographed. In addition to this, the Rocca is an important environmental and historical heritage. In this area, you can visit a medieval fortification where have been identified stratifications dating back to 4000 BC. Thanks to its strategic position, the Rocca had attracted man since stone age and it was inhabited till XVIth century. From the big cross starts a steep path that leads to the heart of a naturalistic oasis, an extraordinary heritage rich in natural beauties, such as wild orchids, and fauna that here have found their habitat. Even though all the paths are well marked, for people who do not love to face difficult trails, you can visit the oasis through an easier path from the opposite side of the park with starting point from the parking on the way to Dusano harbor. In this case, you should visit the little St. George Church. After your excursion to the Rocca, you should have a look at the Archeological Museum placed near the Visitors’ centre, where there are archeological finds found during workings on the top of the cliff.

    The park has just been recognized as reserve, “Riserva della Rocca e del Sasso”. This means that this great heritage will benefit from much more rigorous protection than in the past. Already from the next season there will be at disposal more resources to promote the natural beauty of the park and welcome tourists. In this sense, the municipality of Manerba is at work to include appropriate guidelines that can facilitate the visit of tourists like for example signals on paths and explanatory panels about natural and historical treasures.

  • Rocca di Manerba, the lake will be part of the Park


    The great natural reserve of the Rocca di Manerba, the fortress in Manerba, will be one of the biggest and most important cultural heritage on Lake Garda. This recognition was given in 2016 by Regione Lombardia. This can be considered a true leap in quality. In the first months of 2018 the area will be marked by special buoys, 84 hectares of lake between San Biagio island and Dusano. This part will be under the environmental protection foreseen by the regulation of the natural reserve. It will be increased the prohibited area for navigation and created an area of over 50 thousand square metres for fish repopulation where it will not be allowed to fish. Moreover, tourists can visit the park without problems thanks to the help of an app. Another incentive to visit this great area of 114 hectares characterized by flora and fauna rich in endemic species with a marvellous panorama.







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