• Autumn, it's harvest time on Garda

    The olive harvest has begun in these days on the shores of Lake Garda characterized by an unconventional autumn weather with sunny days and typical spring temperatures. This activity is an important tradition for Lake Garda agriculture, it is a sort of rite of passage: big firms and a lot of families, owners of small olive tree groves, begin picking ripe olives in order to bring them to olive mills located on the territory to produce and stock olive oil. The excellence and the high-quality profile of the extra virgin olive oil made in Lake Garda are recognized and rewarded worldwide every year. The western shore of Lake Garda in the province of Brescia produces 76 percent of the entire production of olive oil made in Lombardy and Puegnano del Garda is the district with the biggest number of olive trees with more than 100 hectares.

  • The English TV BBC on Lake Garda on the traces of Bennie

    Even the English biologist and fisherman Jeremy Wade, known worldwide for his TV show ‘River Monster’, will hunt for ‘Bennie’, the monster of Lake Garda, now become a true international celebrity.

    The English TV BBC will arrive on Lake Garda between the end of September and the beginning of October for the realization of the episode, totally dedicated to the underwater monster, that it will be broadcast in 2019.

    It is not the first time that ‘Bennie’ is the subject of documentaries or TV shows, in fact in 2013 an entire episode of the TV show ‘Mistero’, a very well-known program in Italy, was dedicated to him.

  • The first snow of the season has arrived on Lake Garda

    After a very hot and drought summer, a rainy September and a mild October, we can say that autumn has officially arrived on Lake Garda. In these days the lake is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and the Monte Baldo, as well. A fascinating scenario just before the Christmas season. This is the moment when the lake seems to relax after the summer season that this year has been longer than usual thanks to favourable climatic conditions at the end of summer and during the first autumn weeks. In fact, between September and October many foreign visitors visited Lake Garda for their holidays. A great demonstration of how the biggest Italian lake can create magical atmospheres in this period of time. Now the first snow seems to open the door to the winter season that in this area will be celebrated respecting traditions.









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