• A record-breaking biodynamic oil at the Grand Hotel

    The best biodynamic extra virgin olive oil of Lombardy comes from the Upper Garda Park: it is signed by the Giuliana Seminario company, which this year won a double gold medal at the 21st edition of the Andria “Biol Prize”, dedicated to the best organic productions of the national territory. The prestigious award went to both the Monocultivar Casaliva and the Blend: the latter was then also decreed best label at the regional level. Two products of absolute excellence in short, that you can also enjoy at Giardino dei Limoni, the à la carte restaurant of Grand Hotel Gardone. The Seminario company is one of the few in the oil field actually practicing biodynamic agriculture in Garda and Lombardy: a choice that comes from a great love for the land, and that applies to both the owned olive trees in the towns of Gargnano and Toscolano , located respectively in the villages of Fornico and Vigole and 400 meters high with a total of 2 hectares and about 500 plants, some of which are centuries old. Hence come the two company’s oils, which won several awards at national level.

  • At the Grand Hotel to taste a dish between Garda and the Mediterranean

    A reinterpretation in Garda style of a classic Venetian dish: Bigoli al Torchio with Sardines of Lake and Toasted Pine Nuts are undoubtedly one of the proposals that this season has got more successful at the tables of Giardino dei Limoni, the à la carte restaurant of our Grand Hotel Gardone. The recipe is fully part of the ranks of the great Italian popular tradition, in that special mosaic of preparations related to a cuisine poor but rich in spirit, taste, imagination and authenticity that has generated some of the recicpes for which Italy is still famous all over the world. But the Grand Hotel chef wanted to go beyond the more orthodox format of the original preparation, reinterpreting the recipe in a key at the same time linked to the Garda territory but also full of typical Mediterranean flavors. The addition of little tomatoes arises for example by the desire to counterbalance the strong taste of the sardines, while pine nuts adds a nice crunch to a dish where the last touch with oil flavored with basil adds great freshness. The recommended match is undoubtedly with a young Lugana, or even better with a Valtènesi Chiaretto.

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